All of our flexible molding is available in flexible material – PVC – which provides an extra dimension to our broad molding assortment.

Curved molding enable installers to easily create molding radius to accommodate the curvature of almost any application without molding profile deformation or causing excess stress to the mounting surface. Thanks to the flexibility of this molding, it is now possible to decorate rounded walls and ceilings elegantly. Flexible crown and wall molding can be finished using the same methods as with the normal polyurethane molding. Flexible molding is a unique concept for the fast growing decoration market.

It is hard to imagine interior or exterior decoration, whether new construction or renovation, without flexible molding. The quality of the flexible molding cannot be equaled.

H&K Goodware curved molding is made from a compound polymer resin that has been engineered to bend or curve around more challenging shapes. It can be bent or twisted without breaking or splintering. Flexible molding can actually be purchased in a range of grades, from very flexible to totally rigid.

Usage of Curved Moldings

You can find bendable molding in just about any design and type you can imagine. Chair rails, baseboards, cornice, window casements, and crown, are all available for your decorative needs. Keep in mind, though, that you really only want to use flexible molding where it is essential to your home improvement project, as it does cost much more than wood millwork.

One of the best features of flexible molding is it’s superiority to wood. Flexible molding can be stained, painted, or sealed just as ordinary molding, but without having to prime the surface first. It also resists warping, wearing, splitting, or mildewing, so it’s great for outdoor use as well.

Our bendable molding conforms to any radius and it is easily installed. The cost of labor is kept down by eliminating standard procedures, such as steaming or cut-n-fill, that would usually be required when decorating rounded walls and columns.

A Description About Flexible Molding

Some Benefits of Flexible Molding

– easy to install
– light but not fragile
– easy to manipulate and transport
– can be treated like light wood
– can be painted
– considerably hard and possess strong resistance
– size holding
– large variety of shapes and sizes