H&K  Green and Beauty, Creation and Balance

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H&K, Creation of Nature, a brand of Goodware, started in 2007. The aim of  Creation of Nature is to bring beauty for us without burden to the Earth environment. So all the material in this series is naturalenvironmental friendly. Our products are ingenious and exquisite craftsmanship, wallpaper, decorative panels, artificial stone panel such as lotus leaf, shell, paper, wood, bamboo, stone and other natural materials into the application. The ideas and technology are into the products, and named: HK.

H&K has the most professional technology and innovation ability in building products. We promise that we are providing the best quality products and using the natural environmentally friendly materials. We are planning to convert the more high-tech skills, which aim to make the unique design product. H&K has long-term experience in building field, so we have the superior design to cater to the multi-culture around the world.

We adhere to the heart, insist on the idea that cherish the benefit and make the biggest use of things, to let the beauty of our earth from generation to generation.

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Green and Beauty

Green is the natural beauty of ecology in this blue planet.

Green is quality of both valuable life and individual living, and the pointer of balance relationship.

Therefore, if ecology is the origin of life (origin of living water), then balance is the key word to sustainability.

Creation and Balance

Human has the feeling and creativity of beauty, which is a special instinct different from other species on the planet.

Beauty includes the sincere and good thought of the owner, and seeking for necessary balance, then the power of rotation will continue forever and never ceased.

Creation of Nature

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Cherish – Handmade from Nature, Refined Craft

Made – Use of Matter, Form a Substance, Create a Scene.

Shell, louts leaf, banana leaf, corn leaf, newspaper– they are the main material.

Craftsmanship – Contribute effort into environmental conservation. Adding color to your space.

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                 Bamboo wood panels

Bamboo . Craftsmanship – Simplicity . Wood

Bamboo, Wood, Bark , Shell and coconutThey are the main material of construction from the Chinese culture.

Craftsmanship – Should includes the overall knowledge of technology on craft and production system.

Simplicity – Covers the cultural structure that should be embedded in architectural production.

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Astonishing . Dazzling . Crystallizing . Purified

Astonishing   Crystal – Cultivation of Essence in Real Crafts – Amazed –Treasure appears

Dazzling   Classic – Frequent glaring sparks  – Point – Glazing colors was hidden

Crystallizing   Royalty – Gorgeous Hall from Wonderland  – Crave – Movement of elements rise.

Purified   Solid – Simulation of ultimate realistic  – Timely – Fashion fancy matters 

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