Mosaic wood tiles are is very popular in the interior decoration. The wooden tile can be used for featured walls, and home decoration, will give you a beautiful space. Now, let us talk something about mosaic wood tiles and how to buy mosaic wood tiles?

How to Buy Mosaic Wood Tiles

Features of mosaic wood tile

The material is as its name, wood. Scrap wood collected from wood processing factory, green materials and are not endangered plants. The mosaic wood tile is all handmade, therefore it is not too neat on the arrangement. Also, since nylon string is elastic, so the matching line may not be perfect when joining two pieces together. As well as the color variation due to different force applied while color manually. Above mentioned are all irresistible factors for handmade and are considered as natural phenomena. And the mosaic wood tile has the features are:

  • Environmental friendly. 100% made of the wood materials.
  • Recyclable. No pollution and no burden to the environment and the Earth
  • Non-toxic. Natural material, far away from radiation and formaldehyde pollution
  • Consistency. The same Installation way with general wall ornaments
  • Natural wood material that patterns keep its characteristics.

How to Buy Mosaic Wood Tiles


How to buy mosaic wood tile

Firstly, look the texture. Striped and other decorative mosaic wooden tile, the distribution of its ornaments should account for more than 20% of the total area, and evenly distributed.

Secondly, look the shape. The back of a single piece of mosaic wood tile should be jagged or stepped groove, so paving will be more solid.

Randomly picking mosaic wooden tile and form a square shape, place where has the light and in its 5 meters away from the visualization to see its gloss. If the gloss is not uniform, it will destroy the appearance of the wall or the overall ground.

To see the mosaic wood tile form height of 40mm in the natural light, whether the cracks, defects and missing edge, missing angle on the tile.

Finally, to see if there are registered trademarks, site, telephone, website, certificate, so as not to be deceived.


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