What is ancient ship wood paneling for walls?

Ancient ship wood paneling for walls is a kind of wood that made from more than a hundred years old trees, primary Mesua ferrea, stone vertebral, Queensland’s wood, such as Catalpa wood.
In the past, people ship wood paneling for walls is made from the retired or damaged old ship, strictly speaking it is a kind of antique solid wood wall tile or mosaic because the size of the panel is brisk shaped. The ship wood mosaic is a retro-styled decorative material that is extremely beloved by many senior designers or architectures; imagine you walk into a coffee bar or tea room with historic wooden wall tile decoration, for sure that it will bring you back to old-world age of voyage exploration.

Where to Buy Wood Paneling for Walls

Features and advantages

a) Nature, eco-friendly and fashionable
b) retro-styled
c) Durable
d) Water proof, can be applied in web environment.
e) Ecological, 100% recycled
f) Easy to clean and maintain
g) Resistance to chemicals

Where to Buy Wood Paneling for Walls                     Where to Buy Wood Paneling for Walls

Why choose Wood Wall Panels?

More Cost Effective
Without a doubt, wood paneling for walls are cheaper than its other counter parts. The production and manufacture of these panels is far lesser than that of wood panels. In this regard, you can afford to purchase more. Also, most plastic wall panels do not require any further finishing like painting since they are already made ready-to-install cutting back on cost furthermore.

Variety in Design and Finish
The wood paneling for walls are available in a wide range of designs and finishes. With a multitude of colors, textures and designs to choose from, you can achieve any design look you want. You can even find a wood paneling for walls that has a wood grain finish. Wood panel can also accommodate other natural finishes including marble and stone.

Where to Buy Wood Paneling for Walls                            Where to Buy Wood Paneling for Walls

Where to buy wood paneling for walls?

HK Goodware, a great building material supplier, specially provide natural material panels, like bamboo wall panels, wooden paneling,  plant material natural wallpapers and recycled paper wallpaper. You can find your ideal panels here.


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