RD-C2141 Decorative bamboo panels for sale

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RD-C2141 Decorative bamboo panels for sale

  • Size: 94-1/2”L X 23-5/8”W
  • Natural and ecological products
  • Many patterns are available
  • High flexible customization


Decorative bamboo panels for sale, 94-1/2”L X 23-5/8”W in size. These bamboo panels are the ecological products that made from natural bamboo, the pattern is made up by many thick bamboo tubes, a big one in flower shape, many bamboo crumbs in between, therefore it forms an decorative bamboo panel in general. This bamboo panel can be used to decorate the house, such as the wall in living room.

Features of Decorative bamboo panels for sale

  • Environmental friendly. 100% made of the bamboo materials.
  • Decomposition. Can be recycled, no pollution and no burden to the Earth environment.
  • Non-toxic. Natural material, far away from radiation and formaldehyde pollution.
  • Consistency. Mostly the same installation way as the general wall ornaments.
  • Natural bamboo material that patterns keep its characteristics.

Specification of Decorative bamboo panels for sale

Product Name Bamboo wall panels
Model name RD-C2141
Material Bamboo
Dimension L 2400mm (94-1/2’)
W 600mm (23-5/8’’)
Application Interior (avoid to decorating the damp or strong sunlight places)
Download RD-C2141.zip (202 downloads)

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Applications of bamboo wood panels

Bamboo panels can be applied to many places, such as coffee shop, bar decoration, featured walls, living room wall covering, TV background, CEO office design, VIP room reception, cabinet, door side and etc.

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