There are big differences between natural fiber wallpaper and ordinary wallpapers.

First of all, we look from the material. The ordinary wallpaper is mostly PVC plastic wallpaper. The material of handmade natural fiber wallpaper is generally natural such as craft paper, bark, natural hemp, shells, fiber(banana leaf, lotus leaf)and so on.

Ventilation. Natural material wallpaper is made of natural fibers through non-woven process, good ventilation. Ordinary wallpaper is a paper-based and PVC film layered together under high temperature, it’s ventilation is not good, but the color is more bright.

Installation, there are much difference in installation. It is easy to paste ordinary wallpaper, while the natural material wallpaper is little complex,

Natural fiber wallpaper is high-end design and are popular now, what we pursuit is eco friendly and health today. The natural material wallpaper is the best choice for you.

natural fiber wallpaper