Now most of the countertops are decorative with artificial stone countertops. Why artificial stone countertops are so popular? It’s inseparable with their own characteristics and advantages.

Four advantages of translucent artificial stone countertops

Four major advantages

Firstly, there is no color shading, and light weight

Artificial stone countertop is made of artificial stone, you have no worry to the color problem. In addition, artificial stone countertops made of stone powder, it is much lighter than the natural stone, so that you can  effectively reduce the weight of the countertops to extend the life of the countertops.

Secondly, colorful

One of the important composition of artificial stone is pigment, so the color can be customized according to your needs, and artificial stone has the color and texture as a natural stone.

Thirdly, seamlessly stitch

No seamlessly stitch is one of the biggest features of artificial stone.  We use the cabinet with U-shaped, L-type, even some cabinets may have arc-shaped doors and have others trim, so the requirements about artificial stone shaped processing performance are relatively high and complex. While the artificial stone just in line with this feature, can be shaped processing, achieve seamless stitching.

Fourthly, more environmentally friendly and healthy

Artificial stone countertops is made of natural ore powder, high performance resin and natural pigment, so the artificial stone is really  environmental friendly, can be contacted with food directly.

These are the four advantages of artificial stone countertops. Goodware provide  you with the high quality artificial stone countertops.

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