Firstly, how to buy the home decor wallpaper. We should consider the wallpaper in line with health and environmental friendly,  we can check the wallpaper quality through see, touch, rub, smell, the four methods.

① See: see the wallpaper whether through the authority of the department detection,  to see if there are flaws in the products followed. Good wallpaper should look natural, comfortable and three-dimensional sense of strong.

② Touch: touch the wallpaper by hand, feel it is thick and whether the thickness is the same.

③ Rub: wiping the paper with a slightly wet cloth. IT is not good resistance to friction if there is bleaching or delamination phenomenon.

④ smell: smell the wallpaper whether has smell.

home decor wallpaper

Second,  how to moisture-proof  the home decor  wallpaper

Firstly, choose moisture-proof wallpaper, and use moisture-proof material in posting, you can also prepare some moisture-absorbing small objects in the rainy season. For example: Charcoal, bamboo charcoal, their surface space can adsorb water vapor, and have deodorant effect, what’s more, they can be dried and repeated use, has no hurt to the environment.

You can also point the way through the candle to prevent moisture, candles play a role in reducing the humidity of the room air, so that water vapor can not condense, thereby reducing the indoor humidity.

home decor wallpaper