Wall decoration is the main point of the home, different indoor wallpaper selection to the home creating a different background effect. H.K Goodware natural building materials manufacturer tell you the indoor wallpaper selection elements, to create a healthy and environmentally friendly living space.

How to choose natural material indoor wallpaper

You should not only see the color, pattern, and quality, but also pay attention to its environmental protection when select the wallpaper. And pay attention to every detail, so as not to cause the second reaction in the installation.

You should pay attention to these elements when you choosing the indoor wallpaper.

Environmental friendly and safety

We spend much time indoor that the environmental friendly of wall decoration is very important, if the wallpaper is not environmentally friendly that is a thread to our health. Therefore, in the choice of indoor wallpaper, we need to buy environmentally friendly wallpaper without any formaldehyde ingredients and the material is eco friendly and natural.

Wallpaper style

Wall decoration is the main style of home, you should pay attention to the color coordination with bed, cabinets, sheets, and curtains no matter what kind of decorative wallpaper style you choose,  to avoid color conflicts.

Attention points of wallpaper

Pay attention to the dry humidity and pH of the wall and the wall can be dry general 40 days after  installation. And we should not paste in the rainy days, because the wall PH value is lower than 9, that the  wallpaper is easy to degumming or rot in a short period of time.

How to choose natural material indoor wallpaper