How to install the fitness bamboo panels for wall ? Here the procedures.

Tools you can use:

General Carpenter Sawing Table, Copling Saw, Handheld Drill Machine, Trim Router
Recommended Fixing Method:
1. Proceed with regular fixing method of board. Apply glue at the back of the product, and fix the board with fine nail using nail gun from the front.
2. Recommended Glue: Epoxy adhesive is the best, all-purpose glue, white glue, superglue

 How to install bamboo panels

Bamboo panels installation procedure:

Step 1. Measure the area of installation, then mark and record the correct size.

Step 2. Place the product on the working table flatly, facing up. Then measure the correct size for cutting, and mark with pencil (at the side of the product), and proceed with cutting.

Step 3. After cutting, polish the edge with sandpaper and seal with paint at the side.

How to install bamboo wall coveringStep 4. Then proceed to check the fitting of the cut product onto the reserved area for installation. Upon ensuring the size fits, apply glue to the back of the product. We suggest to enhance the installation by nailing fine nails with nail gun to the four sides of the product.
* When attaching product, please put into consideration on the continuation of pattern and line

Step 5. Cleaning and Maintenance: After installation, brush off dust from the surface with dry duster or wipe with a wrung wet cloth.



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