With the progress of science and technology, a variety of shell wallpapers different styles and functions has been developed. Everyone can choose the wallpaper by favor, especially those consumer who pursuit the unique personality and elegant taste, the shell wallpaper also attracts many interest from customers.

Shell Wallpaper, Truly Environment Friendly Wallpaper

RD-N302 Natural Hand Woven Capiz Shell Wallpaper

In recent years, shell wallpaper is one of the most popular decoration materials. The consumer demand also keep increasing, so why shells wallpaper attracts so many customers?

Shell Wallpaper, Truly Environment Friendly Wallpaper

RD-N601 Environmental friendly seashell wallpaper

Material Consideration

Analysis from the material, shell wallpaper is made of natural shells materials. Then all the shells are developed into the natural wallpaper. What’s more, this natural shell material is environmental friendly. The natural texture and the plant touch also form up another kind of beauty of Shell wallpapers. This wallpaper has the advantage of adjustable indoor humidity. With the advantage of excellent breathable function, clean Air, natural recycled materials, you can reduce burden on the environment and the earth by using this wallpaper.

Shell Wallpaper, Truly Environment Friendly Wallpaper

RD-N303 Seashell material eco friendly wall coverings

Practical Consideration

Analysis from the practical aspects, the living room decorated with a shell wallpaper has the advantage of durable to touch, easy to clean and so on.

Life Period Consideration

Analysis from the life, you don’t have to worry about the problem of drop off, fade, oxidation and other issues in the early construction. What’s more, it is easy to keep it clean.

Shell Wallpaper, Truly Environment Friendly Wallpaper

RD-N301 Shell material eco friendly wallpaper for interior


By using our shell wallpaper, you can not only improve the quality of life, but also improve the house decoration. It keeps the house beautiful, and also consider the safety problem. Goodware H&K definitely your best choice for house decoration!

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