The beautiful shell decorative wall plates has its place in H&K Goodware. H&K Goodware is the Chinese art of creating a harmonious environment. It is the idea that the space we live in has an effect on us; emotionally, physically, even spiritually. In H&K Goodware we use symbols of what we desire (happy relationships, prosperity, good health, happiness, etc.) to attract that energy into our lives. Basically, if we live in a place that makes us feel good then life will be better. And this is where pearl mosaic tiles come in.

The Decoration ideas from shell decorative wall plates

In H&K Goodware shell decorative wall plates represent a comfortable home and a feeling of contentment. They often invoke memories of childhood days at the beach. But more than that they represent the beautiful tropical paradise of our dreams where there is no stress, no worries, and lots of sunshine. mosaic tiles also represent protection, like a shield. They are a barrier between us, in our home, and the outside world.

There are so many types of mosaic tiles. H&K Goodware is very much about the placement of objects. Even something beautiful in the wrong place will not bring harmony or good feelings. A shell decorative wall plate where the dog can get into them (and start chewing on them) would be an example of bad placement. But there are many great places for mosaic tiles. Here are a few ideas.

The Decoration ideas from shell decorative wall plates

Spiny mosaic tiles on a window sill would call the energy of protection. It would be a safeguard symbol for the house.

Smooth mosaic tiles in the kitchen would promote the energy of harmony, family, and fun.

A basket of mosaic tiles on a table by the front door represents a stable and prosperous career.

A picture frame decorated with mosaic tiles symbolizes good communication with that person.

A water fountain represents money flowing into the house, add some mosaic tiles so the money is protected and retained.

Mother of pearl mosaic tiles in the guest bathroom brings harmonious energy to visitors.

And finally, my favorite thing to do is to leave a few mosaic tiles in my front garden for the neighborhood kids to find. We all have fun talking about the mother of pearl mosaic tiles they discover.

Our shell decorative wall plates

The Decoration ideas from shell decorative wall plates  The Decoration ideas from shell decorative wall plates  The Decoration ideas from shell decorative wall plates